What clients and candidates want to know.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a prospective client, your interest will be to find a recruiting firm with expertise in your field and the types of positions you are seeking to fill. You should also be seeking a recruiting firm that values your time and listens to your needs. At Elite Search Group, we pride ourselves on listening well, sharing our views when appropriate, and locating the proper talent for our clients promptly. We value our clients’ time and our own and will only present the most highly qualified candidates for review. We strictly adhere to a “quality over quantity” philosophy. Many recruiting firms practice the shotgun approach, presenting any and all potential candidates, even those that fit just a few of the client’s specifications, figuring more is better. At Elite Search Group, we narrow the list to as small as possible because we know that our clients have better things to do with their time than interview individuals who do not measure up to their needs.

If you are a prospective candidate working within the pharmaceutical industry, Elite Search Group can be your representative. We will consult with you about your needs in finding a new position and then execute based on a mutually agreeable game plan. Having an in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry will enable us to market you to the most highly regarded companies in a way that lends tremendous credibility to your background. When we locate a position that measures up to your needs, we will aggressively represent you, making sure you are aware of the client’s interests and concerns and advise you as to whether or not we believe the match to be mutually beneficial. We will handle the financial negotiations, ensuring that you are well compensated for your efforts in the new position.

Recruiters understand the hidden job market. We are working to find elite people for elite positions. The jobs that we are working on won’t be found in the “want ads.” Companies pay us to find the absolute best talent for a job. These are key positions, and the people they pay to hire, they like to keep. We sell you from the introduction through to helping negotiate your salary. Working through a recruiter will yield higher money into your wallet. We get paid based on a percentage of your starting annual salary.

It doesn’t cost the candidate anything. The hiring company pays all the expenses in return for finding you, the quality talent.

Many reasons: Confidentiality, time savings, professional expertise, and consistent results.

Confidentiality: The best jobs are almost always worked through a search firm. Clients want us to see who we can find in the market that may be better than their shortlist of internal candidates for each position. At times someone may be on the way out of an organization, but the organization does not want outsiders to know what is going on within the company regarding strategic talent.

Save time: Unlike posting to a job board, using the newspaper, and job fairs, clients use Elite Search Group because we know who the best talent is and where to find it.

Leverage Our Professional Expertise: Recruiters in our firm have ongoing education to keep abreast of the latest industry trends.

Get Results: Our track record of not only finding the perfect candidate but getting candidates to join a different organization and to stay with that organization for the long term.

Most likely, they are not currently working on a position suitable to your strengths, location or preferences. Successful pharmaceutical recruiters must be driven, focused, and highly organized. We are constantly working on many different positions with different clients at the same time. Trust that if you are believed to be qualified for a position we are working on, we will contact you. Please don’t take it personally and know that when it is your turn, you will get the utmost professional service.

You will be contacted once we have an opening we feel you are a potential fit for.

Typically, your resume will be sent to the hiring manager once you have been screened by one of the recruiters at Elite Search Group, and we feel you meet the position’s requirements.

Elite Search Group keeps all resumes on file and will keep you abreast of all opportunities that fit your background. We will never send your resume out for another opening without your knowledge.

No, we adhere to strict privacy and confidentiality agreements and will never share your information with anyone without your say-so.