Contingency Search

Under this approach, an Account Executive will have the responsibility to concentrate on this assignment. The fee is usually assessed as a percentage of a hired candidates first year compensation and is in accordance with standard market rates. You are charged nothing unless you hire our candidate. Your company is invoiced on the day the candidate accepts your offer of employment. The fee is due within 30 days of the candidates hire.

Retainer/Executive Search

Under this approach, we put together a Project Team to focus on a clients critical needs which must be filled within a specific period of time. This team will commit the majority of their time to filling your position. A guarantee is extended to provide candidate exclusivity to the client. Under this plan we request that one third of the estimated fee be paid upon signing of the contract; the second third is paid upon presentation of the initial group of qualified candidates; and the last third is paid upon completion of the search or at the end of a specified time period.

Engagement Fee or Priority Search

Under this approach, an Account Executive and Project Coordinator jointly focus their recruiting energy specifically on your need or needs. The benefit of this arrangement to you is that you have our full and exclusive attention to your project. It becomes our priority to find the best candidates for your positions. The benefit to us is that we know you are serious about hiring through us. This mutual trust creates a very good working relationship. This option establishes a reduced service fee over contingency service. The agreed upon engagement fee or deposit towards final fee is due prior to commencement of search. Final payment is due upon completion of the search

Custom Search

Occasionally, our clients have needs that cannot fit neatly within the structure of a defined process. We will work with you, combining our resources to create a Custom Process unique to your special circumstances. Please contact one of our Account Executives to share ideas and discuss the details of your search.