Step 1: Elite Search Group will work with clients to define specific experience, skill sets, personality characteristics and background qualifications required to meet or exceed the desired specifications and objectives for each open position.

Step 2: Detailed conversations with all identified managers concerning the company, division, territory, structure, performance, history, products, market and objective expectations are paramount to identifying the “career incentives” necessary to attract the best candidates.

Step 3: These specifications form the basis of the search strategy and serve as the frame of reference for the evaluation of candidates.


Step 1: Research

  • Development of a list of target organizations where the candidate may presently be employed. We possess an extensive research library and computer database.
  • To uncover potential candidates, a thorough research effort is conducted using competitive industry information, personal industry sources and confidential referrals.
    Elements can include:
    – Our Internet site
    – E-mail campaign
    – Our database
    – Our network of recruiting firms

Step 2: Candidate Contact

  • Once potential candidates are identified, personal contact is made on a direct and highly confidential basis.
  • We act as the spokesman for the corporation and present your company’s objectives as well as position duties, responsibilities and career opportunities.
  • Develop candidate interest and obtain full data disclosure.
  • We examine the candidates basic qualifications against the comprehensive profile developed during the planning stage.
    Interviews are conducted to further evaluate each candidates credentials in order to develop an initial slate of possible candidates.
    A verbal presentation of each candidate is made to the client to obtain primary feedback.


Elite Search Group will:

Step 1: Verbally present to the client each candidates credentials, motivations, background, and issues and provide recommendations to the client.

Step 2: Provide you with detailed observations from the personal interviews addressing the specific issues as defined in our planning stage, along with resumes and other pertinent documentation.

Step 3: Generally 2 to 4 candidates are presented that precisely fit your requirements per position.

Step 4: Assist you in scheduling and monitoring the interview process with your management team.

Step 5: Debrief all parties involved, identify and schedule the finalists.


Elite Search Group will:

Step 1: Conduct detailed reference checks and provide you with written copies.

Step 2: Assist our client in developing an offer that will secure the selected candidate.

Step 3: Counsel candidates through the emotionally difficult resignation process and probable counter offer.

Step 4: Post hire follow-up.